New Price!

Reborn from Clayborg was released on May 13, 2016, just six short months ago!

In honor of six months of success with Reborn, we have a new price of just $6.00 for the CD for a limited time! If you don’t have the Clayborg CD yet, this is the time to buy it!

Over the past six months, songs from Clayborg Reborn have been played thousands of times around the world on radio stations, Spotify, Jango, YouTube, iTunes… basically everywhere! The album received great reviews from all over the world!

We launched a national radio campaign for the new album, Reborn, in the summer of 2016. The first week of the promotion, Clayborg had the #3 most added album on the CMJ Loud Rock charts! The week of July 25, 2016, Clayborg Reborn debuted at #20 on the CMJ Loud Rock Top 40 chart! Clayborg stayed on the CMJ Top 40 the next two weeks, dropping to #35 the second week and then climbing up again the third week to #27. Overall, we are very pleased to have made the CMJ Top 40 for 3 weeks in a row!

CD sales have been very good, but it is difficult competing in the digital age when many music fans have moved to downloading their music. We feel that the music on the Clayborg CD is sonically superior to that which you would download digitally. When you own the CD, you also get all of the cool artwork and the physical copy of the album that will last forever and won’t disappear in the cloud! To make it more attractive to buy the CD, we have reduced the price to just $6.00 for a limited time! Buy it now!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported Clayborg over the past six months! You’ve been awesome!

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