Who is Clayborg?

Clayborg is a new heavy metal band with a brand new full length album called Reborn. Clayborg was created by Clay Yoksas.


Clay was the vocalist/guitarist for the metal band Seventh Omen. They created an original brand of melodic power/speed metal and released three CDs between 1995 and 2001, winning many fans worldwide. While Seventh Omen never attained the huge success they were striving to achieve, they still managed to win over thousands of loyal fans around the world, all a result of their own hard work. They launched an aggressive national radio campaign, received outstanding radio and press coverage, were praised in many great magazine reviews, and sold thousands of CDs worldwide. This was during the time of metal’s greatest decline in the late 1990s. At the peak of their success, the band broke up in 2001 shortly after touring the U.S. with metal legends W.A.S.P.

When Seventh Omen broke up, Clay stepped away from the music scene for several years. However, he found that there was still a lot of music buzzing around in his head, which grew louder and louder with each passing year. To preserve his sanity, Clay felt he needed to record the music in his head so he could move on with his life. He was overcome by the intensity of the music to the point that he could not even close his eyes without hearing melodies and rhythms in his head. The more he wrote and recorded his ideas, the more the inspiration awakened and intensified within him. He once again found himself obsessed and immersed in his music. He also found that he was singing and playing better than ever before.

An Unconventional Approach

Rather than search out other musicians to form a band, write some songs, play some shows, and record an album, Clay decided to take a different approach. He chose to write and record the songs on his own, exactly as he wanted each rhythm, melody, and instrument to be played. He was so overcome by the creative process that he started to wake up some mornings with intricate musical passages and vocal melodies in his head. He struggled to quickly write out and recapture the music from the dream before it quickly faded away. Eventually, when he had more than an album’s worth of material, he picked out the best songs and recorded all of them again. This time, he focused on getting the best sound, capturing strong vocals, and playing each part perfectly. Clay always felt that the songs on the three Seventh Omen CDs could have been recorded better. He vowed that if he ever recorded another album, he would make sure he was satisfied with the sound and performance of each track.

The final result is the Reborn album from Clayborg!

What is a Clayborg?


Clay – the inspired, humble, and flawed human being who is mercilessly driven to create intense music – loves people

Borg – the perfect and unstoppable machine that Clay strives to be – hates being an imperfect, flawed human

Is Clayborg just Clay Yoksas?

Yes and no. Right before Clay died in the year 2076, he was cloned. His clone was given cybernetic enhancements and named The Clayborg. You can read more about it in The Story of Clayborg (coming soon).